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Q: idk if my last ask sent but i requested a dan/amy gif. i don't remember if i sent it or not. sorry! :)

hey yes we did and i believe Malin is on it :) 

we generally won’t publish the messages about request for personal setups between Malin and I but they’ll always be done eventually. and if they’re something we really don’t wanna do lol or that we’ve already done, we’ll publish the answer. 

Selina Meyer  » season 3

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston kiss at the Emmys.

Congratulations 5-time Emmy winner, Madam President Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Vice President Selina Meyer Her Royal Highness Queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepts her Emmy Award with assistance from Gary Tony and Amy Anna.

"And so it begins. Actually, it really does.
We’ve gotta go. She’s about to ascend.