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Q: Hi, I'd like to watch Veep but I'm not American. How political do you have to be to understand it? Is it like House of Cards? thank you x

oh no you don’t have to be political at all lol i’m french and i love the show so so much. this is a comedy show so the topic is not taken seriously x 

It was actually my idea that Selina would sort of have this notion that she needed to rebrand herself. And so she gets a haircut and.. you know, it also sort of stems from how female politicians never get a break. If they make a slight change to their appearance - a new look with a jacket - whatever it is, they get a lot of flack for it. And so we thought we’d cut off my hair. And so we did and it looks horrendous. - Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the awful haircut on the Late Show with David Letterman.


I’m fluent in bastard, ok. It’s one of my languages.

What are you talking about? What is it? Are we at war? Ma’am, We’re America, we’re always at war. Uh, the first lady.. isn’t in a good place. POTUS has decided that he wants to devote more time to looking after her. He’s gonna resign.

I’ve been watching you and I like what I see. Would you work here and share an open plan environment with me? I’m flattered but the sheer positivity of this place would break me.